Cửa Hàng

Cửa Hàng

Hikvision giải pháp cửa hàng thông minh là một hệ thống IP toàn diện dành riêng cho an ninh và năng suất. Nó bảo vệ an ninh và tài sản của nhân viên, và ngăn ngừa các chủ sở hữu của bất kỳ mất mát hoặc trộm cắp nội bộ. Hệ thống này cũng được đặc trưng bởi việc đánh giá năng suất, tối ưu hóa bán hàng và quản lý đa điểm. giải pháp tuyệt vời này được thiết kế cho các cửa hàng độc lập, cửa hàng bách hóa, và chuỗi cửa hàng cung cấp tất cả các tính năng nêu trên.


·How to improve security of customers/staffs?

·How to make my store less intrusive?

·How to decrease internal theft for loss prevention?

·How to evaluate business productivity?

·How to deterrent break-ins during off-hours?

·How to assess performance of store’s layout?

    Key Features

    ·High video quality for staff security-assets protection.

    ·Specific covert cameras to creating an aesthetical shopping environment.

    ·Tailored products for internal theft-loss prevention.

    ·Intelligent platform for productivity assessment.

      Application Scenarios


      Criminal Deterrent

      Hikvision IVMS-5200 Professional platform or POS NVR can realize seamless POS integration,POS data searching and alarm triggering while exception occurs.

      Storage Rack

      Want a camera to blend in my shop environment

      Easy-to-install design

      Hikvision Recessed Mount Dome camera can perfectly blend into shop ceiling structure.

      To create a harmonious environment for shopper

      Various covert cameras

      With its HD resolution,dual-lens unit design and compact design,Hikvision Covert cameras are ideal solutions for discreet surveillance.

      Know better my store’s layout is crucial to improve merchandizing efficiency

      Layout optimization

      Hikvision Fisheye cameras can realize not only a 360 degree deadcorner-free surveillance, but also a heat mapping analysis to tell store owner which area attracts the most.

      Store Floor

      Wide coverage with less cameras

      Panoramic view

      Up to 12MP super high resolution panoramic view, Hikvision Panoramic products provide a true installation effective solution for store security.

      Excellent nighttime visibility during off-hours

      Ultra Low Light

      Hikvision Darkfighter Ultra Low-light cameras can ensure colored images in dim light environment for post-event investigation.

      See everything clear inside & outside my store

      Super WDR

      Hikvision Lightfighter 140 DB WDR cameras provide credible footages of outer-store as well as in-store.


      Peak Time Identification

      Hikvision intelligent people counting camera can realize accurate customer counting and output customer flow trends report to evaluate performance and organize activity.

      Enternal Monitoring

      A robust guard in all weather conditions

      Outdoor Protection

      A reliable outdoor IR bullet, with IP67 water-proof protection and high performance IR Arrays LEDs, can capture any crime activities in nighttime.

      Put a monitor inside store to play a deterrent role for potential criminals

      • DS-D5021FC
        21-inch HD Monitor
      • DS-2CD4535FWD-IZM
        3MP HDMI Outdoor Dome
      POS Event Detection

      Hikvision outdoor domes feature HDMI interface to connect directly with HD monitor that can play a crucial role for deterrent potential criminals.